VelaSmooth for Cellulite

I was about to give up, when a friend recommended a new treatment, VelaSmooth. I was stunned - the dimples were less dimpled and my skin felt tighter and looked smoother.
— Roberta, 35

Who Is It For

It's estimated that more than 80% of women have cellulite. Over the years, many treatments have been tried to treat this condition, but none of the treatments were ever particularly effective. Cellulite has historically been a very difficult problem to treat.

Recently, the FDA approved the VelaSmooth device, giving patients a new option for the treatment of cellulite.

How It Works

The VelaSmooth is a laser-like device that combines radio frequency and infrared light energies with tissue mobilization. These three treatment modalities work together to safely and effectively improve cellulite and recontour the skin surface.


Patients generally require a series of VelaSmooth treatments, which are given over a period of 2 months. Following the completion of the treatment series, our patients have demonstrated smoother skin, less skin dimpling, and have often felt a sensation of tighter skin.

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Last modified: February 25 2014